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Your partner in achieving a life unburdened by spinal pain. Guided by Mr. Knight’s over three decades of pioneering expertise and patient-focused care, we offer advice on endoscopic spine surgery from discectomy to Foraminoplasty as well as innovative pain management procedures including Cluneal Nerve Trigger Point Radiofrequency Ablation.

Our goal is to enlighten you about effective, “keyhole” endoscopic alternatives to traditional open spine surgery. Discover the long-term benefits of Endoscopic Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery (EMISS) which offers a range of treatment methods that hold the potential to address an array of spinal conditions—from degenerative disease, stenosis (axial and foraminal narrowing) and failed spinal surgeries to disc issues and degenerative scoliosis.

Since 1990, we have been pioneers in the realm of EMISS. Our dedicated approach has empowered over 10,000 people to embrace an active, fuller life. We’re proud to have made a difference to so many lives of all ages, and chronic ailments, comorbidities, and those who’ve been told that surgery isn’t an option.

A pivot stone to our progress has been the constant use of aware state surgery during which the patient has taught us the true sources and mechanisms of spinal pain, often confounding existing concepts as well as providing greater patient safety

We want you to know that there is still hope.

We’re at the forefront of exploring newer ways to rebuild your discs, manage your pain, and help you regain your love for life.

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