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Using the same techniques as described for Endoscopic Epiduroplasty the water jacket of the cord may be pierced and the endoscope may be inserted into the water filled space. The fluid is cerebro-spinal fluid.

What is Myeloscopy?

Using a small hole in the base of the sacrum, called the Sacral Hiatus, an endoscope may be passed up to the lower end of the spinal canal and entered in to the dural water jacket. After the dura has been pierced, the inside of the water jacket may be examined together with the nerves contained therein. Again adhesions (Arachnoiditis) may be divided by means of the laser. Sites of inflammation may be demonstrated as an asset to the diagnostic process. Whilst adhesions may be noted at several points, symptomatic pain reproduction is only reproduced where there is inflammation demonstrated external to the dura. Arachnoiditis is itself not a clinically significant entity unless it can be associated with external irritative entities which consequentially are amplified by the nerve root tethering of Arachnoiditis.

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